You’ll no doubt have questions…

How much does it cost?

The PR plan, including briefing and follow up calls, is $5,000 plus GST.

How long will the plan last?

The plan is intended to last you for one year. While some of the fundamentals will last much longer (like ‘how to communicate effectively’), your PR tactics will need to evolve with your business.

Do you provide short-term PR plans (for a product launch or fundraising campaign)?

Unfortunately not. These plans are designed to last you for a full year because it encourages more strategic thinking about your business and communications goals. We want to help you create a lasting impact by consistently reminding customers about how great your business is.

Do you include social media recommendations?

Yes. However, the plan will not include a detailed content strategy. Instead, we’ll recommend social media channels, considerations for each channel and example content ideas.

Where are you based?

We’re based in Sydney, but you can be anywhere in Australia. We have extensive experience targeting media and influencers in all major Australian cities, as well as regional areas.

What about contact information?

Email us on to set up a call or get more information about how we can work together.